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Course Highlights

  • Founder DeEtte Balfourd, CMI, CPCP has over 24 years experience
  • Taught within the guidelines of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, American Academy of Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics Instructors Association and the Department of Public Health and Human Services of Montana
  • 100 hours  ~ 35 hours of class pre-study. 65 hours and 6 days of classroom instruction, including hands on experience with at least 6 live models
  • Personal hands on instruction - limited to one to two students only
  • At least two of each procedure will be taught: soft hairstroke eyebrows, eyeliner and lash enhancement and soft lip color
  • For the educational benefit of post evaluation, touch ups, etc. local students, they will furnish their own models. 
  • Many cosmetic tattooing techniques are learned while working on live models
  • Student portfolio of ‘before and after pictures’ of models
  • A permanent cosmetics procedure of your choice while in class
  • Pictures of student working with clients throughout class for their portfolio and marketing purposes
  • An opportunity to return for observation in the future at no fee
  • Complete cosmetic tattooing kit, including topical anesthetics, to perform at least 15 procedures  ***  example: 15 needles and tubes  X $400.00 (average procedure)  = $6,000.00  income  ***
  • Comprehensive 325 page manual covering all aspects of cosmetic tattooing, sterilization and blood borne pathogens
  • Introduction to Skin Repigmentation and Micro Needling (collagen stimulation)
  • Information on adding lucrative retail products to your business to capture the baby boomer market with the use of anti-aging skin care treatments
  • Current forms for your duplication:   Consultation/client history, Release/consent, Medical release, Before and After home care, Technician worksheet/client record, Marketing materials
  • Instructor provides Liability Insurance while taking course
  • Insurance, Suppliers and Convention information
  • All supplies furnished while in class
  • Upon successful completion of course receive a ’Certificate of Completion’ for your office and insurance company
  • Networking information with 'Who’s Who' in the industry
  • Postgraduate support!


I. Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics

  •      History of tattooing as it applies to permanent cosmetics (optional)
  •      Overview of the different types of machines and devices available

II. Consultation

  •      Client profile
  •       Analyze character of client and client selection
  •      Client expectations
  •      Discuss overall aspects of permanent cosmetics
  •      Medical history/client information form
  •      Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics
  •      Determine when physician review is advised
  •      Consent forms
  •      Discuss informed consent
  •      Liability issues

III. Office set-up

  •      Physical setting
  •      General Equipment
  •      Table, chair, work surface, lighting
  •       Building codes

IV. Disinfection and Sterilization

  •      Equipment
  •      Discuss acceptable forms of sterilization
  •      Disinfectants and antiseptics
  •      OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding blood borne pathogens
  •      Technician safety
  •      Hand washing
  •      Hepatitis B vaccination
  •      Gloves
  •      Proper handling of devices, needles, and pigments
  •      Sanitary measures during procedure set-up
  •      Sanitary measures during procedure clean-up

V. Client preparation

  •      Pre-procedure care
  •       Preparing the client’s skin
  •       Ways of marking the skin
  •      Anesthetics and physician relationships

VI. Color and pigment theory

  •        Knowledge and use
  •        Pigments
  •        Preparation, mixing
  •        Storage

VII. Skin anatomy

  •      Composition/layers
  •      Healing process of skin and its care
  •       Diseases, disorders and conditions
  •       Infection
  •       Herpes
  •       Moles, warts, freckles
  •       Psoriasis, eczema
  •       Reactions

VIII. Machine theory

  •      Review machine (device) for technical aspects
  •       Operation and maintenance
  •       Use: speed, pressure, angle
  •       Trouble-shooting
  •       Evaluate capabilities of devices
  •        Only one type of device will be taught at the fundamental level once a preferred method is established

IX. Needles

  •      Appropriate needle selection and applications
  •      Groups, numbers and configurations
  •      How mechanically used in the skin
  •      Maintenance
  •      Check for damage
  •       Storage and disposal
  •       Preparation for sterilization if not pre-sterile when purchased

X. Photography

  •      Rationale
  •      Equipment and methods
  •       Clarity
  •       Presentation

XI. After Care

  •      Client follow-up
  •      Forms and instructions to provide

XII. Procedure experience: two (2) of each complete procedures:

      eyebrows,  eyeliner and lip color

  •      Review issues, discuss
  •       Facial morphology
  •       Variations
  •      Observe procedures
  •      Hands-on live model work

XIII. Business set-up

  •      Basic business and marketing guidelines (optional)
  •      Legal requirements
  •      Insurance/liability

What Our Students Say

"I am more than satisfied with my  training with DeEtte.  The level of expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations.  I feel very confident!" -Susan M.

"Best class I've ever taken." -Robin P. 

"Your teaching methods are excellent.  You make us feel comfortable and welcome.  Great patience!!!" -Judy W.

"The class was excellent.  You are very thorough and know your stuff.  You make the class fun and enjoyable.  Thank you!" -Candice E. 

"DeEtte has a very positive teaching style.  Her energy is contagious!  Very knowledgeable and confident." -Wendy I. 

"DeEtte was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also excited and passionate about this industry." -Debbie M.

"Absolutely fabulous style!  I love every aspect of your technique, personality and style on and off the playing field." -Shara S.

"I have to honestly say this is one of the best classes I have experienced in all of my years of education.  Your knowledge and experience, theory, safety and sanitation were fabulous!!!" - Monica M. 


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