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Course Highlights

  • Founder DeEtte Balfourd, CMI, CPCP has over 24 years experience
  • Taught within the guidelines of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, American Academy of Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics Instructors Association and the Department of Public Health and Human Services of Montana
  • 100 hours  ~ 35 hours of class pre-study. 65 hours and 6 days of classroom instruction, including hands on experience with at least 6 live models
  • Personal hands on instruction - limited to one to two students only
  • At least two of each procedure will be taught: soft hairstroke eyebrows, eyeliner and lash enhancement and soft lip color
  • For the educational benefit of post evaluation, touch ups, etc. local students, they will furnish their own models. 
  • Many cosmetic tattooing techniques are learned while working on live models
  • Student portfolio of ‘before and after pictures’ of models
  • A permanent cosmetics procedure of your choice while in class
  • Pictures of student working with clients throughout class for their portfolio and marketing purposes
  • An opportunity to return for observation in the future at no fee
  • Complete cosmetic tattooing kit, including topical anesthetics, to perform at least 15 procedures  ***  example: 15 needles and tubes  X $400.00 (average procedure)  = $6,000.00  income  ***
  • Comprehensive 325 page manual covering all aspects of cosmetic tattooing, sterilization and blood borne pathogens
  • Introduction to Skin Repigmentation and Micro Needling (collagen stimulation)
  • Information on adding lucrative retail products to your business to capture the baby boomer market with the use of anti-aging skin care treatments
  • Current forms for your duplication:   Consultation/client history, Release/consent, Medical release, Before and After home care, Technician worksheet/client record, Marketing materials
  • Instructor provides Liability Insurance while taking course
  • Insurance, Suppliers and Convention information
  • All supplies furnished while in class
  • Upon successful completion of course receive a ’Certificate of Completion’ for your office and insurance company
  • Networking information with 'Who’s Who' in the industry
  • Postgraduate support!


I. Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics

     A. History of tattooing as it applies to permanent cosmetics (optional)

     B. Overview of the different types of machines and devices available

II. Consultation

     A. Client profile

  1.          Analyze character of client and client selection
  2.          Client expectations
  3.          Discuss overall aspects of permanent cosmetics

     B. Medical history/client information form

  1.         Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics
  2.         Determine when physician review is advised

     C. Consent forms

  1.         Discuss informed consent
  2.         Liability issues

III. Office set-up

     A. Physical setting

        1. General Equipment

            a. table, chair, work surface, lighting

     B. Building codes

IV. Disinfection and Sterilization

     A. Equipment

  1.         Discuss acceptable forms of sterilization
  2.         Disinfectants and antiseptics

     B. OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding blood borne pathogens

     C. Technician safety

  1.         Hand washing
  2.         Hepatitis B vaccination
  3.         Gloves

     D. Proper handling of devices, needles, and pigments

     E. Sanitary measures during procedure set-up

     F. Sanitary measures during procedure clean-up

V. Client preparation

     A. Pre-procedure care

  1.         Preparing the client’s skin
  2.         Ways of marking the skin

     B. Anesthetics and physician relationships

VI. Color and pigment theory

     A. Knowledge and use

     B. Pigments

  1.         Preparation, mixing
  2.         Storage

VII. Skin anatomy

     A. Composition/layers

     B. Healing process of skin and its care

     C. Diseases, disorders and conditions

  1.         Infection
  2.         Herpes
  3.         Moles, warts, freckles
  4.         Psoriasis, eczema
  5.         Reactions

VIII. Machine theory

     A. Review machine (device) for technical aspects

  1.         Operation and maintenance
  2.         Use: speed, pressure, angle
  3.         Trouble-shooting

     B. Evaluate capabilities of devices

     C. Only one type of device will be taught at the fundamental level once a preferred method is established

IX. Needles

     A. Appropriate needle selection and applications

        1. Groups, numbers and configurations

     B. How mechanically used in the skin

     C. Maintenance

  1.         Check for damage
  2.         Storage and disposal
  3.         Preparation for sterilization if not pre-sterile when purchased

X. Photography

     A. Rationale

     B. Equipment and methods

  1.         Clarity
  2.         Presentation

XI. After Care

     A. Client follow-up

     B. Forms and instructions to provide

XII. Procedure experience: two (2) of each complete procedures:

      eyebrows,  eyeliner and lip color

     A. Review issues, discuss

  1.         Facial morphology
  2.         Variations

     B. Observe procedures

     C. Hands-on live model work

XIII. Business set-up

     A. Basic business and marketing guidelines (optional)

     B. Legal requirements

     C. Insurance/liability

What Our Students Say

"I am more than satisfied with my  training with DeEtte.  The level of expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations.  I feel very confident!" -Susan M.

"Best class I've ever taken." -Robin P. 

"Your teaching methods are excellent.  You make us feel comfortable and welcome.  Great patience!!!" -Judy W.

"The class was excellent.  You are very thorough and know your stuff.  You make the class fun and enjoyable.  Thank you!" -Candice E. 

"DeEtte has a very positive teaching style.  Her energy is contagious!  Very knowledgeable and confident." -Wendy I. 

"DeEtte was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also excited and passionate about this industry." -Debbie M.

"Absolutely fabulous style!  I love every aspect of your technique, personality and style on and off the playing field." -Shara S.

"I have to honestly say this is one of the best classes I have experienced in all of my years of education.  Your knowledge and experience, theory, safety and sanitation were fabulous!!!" - Monica M. 


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